Get the scoop on what well-being experts are focusing on in 2023!

This year’s leading health and wellness trends that speak to women in our sisterhood are a mixture of magnificent menopause, sugar smarts, the magic of motion, and eastern energy.

Here the well-being trends we are most excited about this year.


This year, the reframe will be that menopause is not an ending but an exciting new beginning! It will be viewed as an opportunity to embrace liberation in our incredible stage of life. The freedom to not deal with your menstrual cycle and your monthly period (bye tampons and hello lube)!


Using glucose levels is a powerful way to personalize food choices and optimize metabolic health. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can help provide real-time, objective, actionable information about how food and lifestyle choices affect glucose levels. You can create an individualized diet to support optimal health.


It’s essential to maintain your mobility as you age (a.k.a. the ability of your joints to reach a full range of motion). You’ll find it much easier to enjoy cardio and strength training without injury. In addition, maintaining your mobility can improve your mental and emotional well-being and contribute to your overall longevity. Science has proven that regularly mobile people (around 8,000 steps daily or the equivalent of 45 minutes of exercise) live longer than those who don’t.


The future of medicine will integrate eastern modalities and western medical practices. Energy healing is already embraced in both worlds; by adjusting the flow of energy, you can change the connections in the network. Health is the ability of an organism to maintain the balance between these opposing forces, i.e., homeostasis (West) and harmony (East), which creates resilience.


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