​​Developing new daily habits to help us thrive!

What if we could change the way we think about aging? What if we could see it as an opportunity for growth and to help us reach new health and fitness goals? Keep reading to learn about a growth mindset and how to adopt it in midlife.


A growth mindset is about staying true to who you are while constantly challenging yourself to learn and improve. It’s a belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed over time. As opposed to the fixed mindset, the belief that you’re either born with “it” or you aren’t.

It comes down to the principles of neuroplasticity, which means that we are not fixed in our behavior, and we can continue to grow and improve at any age – all we have to do is make the necessary connections to realize our potential. 


1. Enjoy the Process 

Almost everything we do takes time and many steps to achieve the desired outcome. When you focus on the journey rather than just achieving your goal or outcome, it becomes much more satisfying. Rather than focusing all your attention on the outcome itself, begin to view the challenges as learning opportunities that allow you to grow and stretch yourself. Consider finding ways to incorporate small rewards along the way instead of rewarding yourself when you get to the desired outcome!

2. Take Chances

Many people avoid risk due to a fear of failure. But this fear-based mental roadblock reinforces the narrative that we are not good at things and can’t change our ability to do them. When we don’t give ourselves some grace and allow for opportunities of growth, we are limiting our potential. Take chances and name the steps along the way where things went wonky, and use that intel to succeed next time!

3. Celebrate Mistakes

Live up to your full potential, and don’t be limited by a fixed mindset! Failure is inevitable. Regardless of what failure means to you, rather than viewing it as the end of the world, reframe it as an opportunity to do something different and learn. When you think or say, “I can’t do this,” add “…yet” to the end.

Continue learning, challenging, and growing. Encourage yourself to try new things, explore new wellness routines, and focus on being your best self. Life after forty is a time of great joy and fulfillment when you approach it with the right attitude. 


Carol Dweck’s research – ​​teaches that a growth mindset enables you to learn and improve skills throughout your life. Your skills are something you can grow over time–like a muscle.

Try something new! Below are some examples of what you could try for the first time to ensure you are building your growth mindset muscle!

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