Blue Zone and Salveo Pillars of Health

An Anti-Aging Tool Box! People living in Blue Zones do not often have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or obesity. Blue Zone locations include Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; the province of Ogliastra in Sardinia, Italy; the community of Seventh-Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California; and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. I encourage you to watch Live to

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Top Tips for an Organized Closet

Life-changing closet organization intel from Deirdre McKee! Spring is here – the perfect time to edit your closet! Below, Deirdre McKee, a fantastic interior visionary and personal organizer, provides some life-changing closet organization solutions to help you achieve and maintain closet contentment! Placement & Flow The most important element to focus on when organizing your closet

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An article created in partnership with Huffman Travel. Destination spas and retreats have come a long way! I remember in the ’80s when my parents ventured to Pritikin Health Resort with some friends to experience its “cutting edge” approach to weight loss and health, with hours on treadmills and calorie-restricted meal plans. Let’s just say it


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