Salveo Sisterhood provides a supportive and empowering environment to access well-being tools and practices to improve whole-self wellness, no matter where you are or where your travels take you. Our tribe of empowered, wise, and fun women have a growth mindset with a strong sense of self and share a curiosity and love for wellness, courageous conversations, connections, and new adventures!



    Attend four complimentary curated events per quarter. From live Salveo Online Symposia (S.O.S.) discussing relatable topics with wellness professionals to in-person events with industry experts, thought leaders, artists, healers, scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs. These events will take place in some of our favorite destinations; Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, Jackson Hole, Aspen, Yellowstone, Lake Geneva, Saratoga, and New York City. Your opportunities for involvement and connection are abundant, and know no boundaries!


    Expect a special gift each quarter that pairs nicely with your curated events.


    Participate in safe, member-only conversations about navigating midlife, from hormone therapy to dealing with aging parents, finances, and more.


    Take advantage of exclusive invitations to make real connections-from luxurious Salveo Seeker and Explorer trips worldwide to intimate wellness retreats. Please note: these are limited capacity and are planned well in advance.


    Read, watch, and consume content created with YOU in mind.


    Enjoy the latest content from diverse sources, vetted products, and information exclusively for our sisterhood.


You must be nominated by a Founding Member in order to join.
Membership fee does not include travel and retreat experiences.

Any questions about membership? Please email us at  info@salveolifestyle.com.

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