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I am feeling so grateful at this moment as I reflect on the amazing adventure that I was able to share with our Seekers group in our travels to Rwanda! The Seekers have created a true sisterhood of women who are daring greatly by getting into the arena of life and striving for growth and real connections. It is a beautiful thing to live authentically and to be seen and heard; all these women on the trip made such great efforts to see each other and to be fully present in the extraordinary and ordinary moments of the trip. I am grateful for this group entrusting us with their most valuable asset, their time! I truly hope everyone felt it was not only worthwhile but life-changing and enhancing! Below, is a high-level recap of some of the Salveo topics we covered (in between our amazing adventures) on our trip.


Expressive Writing + Journaling 

Take a little time each day to know yourself and check-in with how you are doing so you may access what you need. A great way to do this is to develop a daily journaling practice, as we started in Rwanda. Below is an outline I use that we explored on our trip. It can take as little as three minutes to do this each morning – simply putting pen to paper is powerful and a great way to flip our internal switch from negative thoughts to a positive mindset. 

1.) Write down three things you are grateful for in your life
2.) Write down three things you appreciate about yourself
3.) Check-in with all aspects of yourself — your team — to find out what they need and want.

Physical self – The body is a physical dwelling place and provides vital sensory information.

  • Authentic qualities – mobility, flexibility, pleasure, muscle fatigue, energy, vitality
  • Negative patterns – rigidity, tension, chronic pains, exhaustion, anxiety

Intellectual self – The intellect is your logical, rational, problem-solving abilities.

  • Authentic qualities – rational, inventive, curious, striving for knowledge
  • Negative patterns – argumentative, judgmental, perfectionist, defensive, controlling

Emotional self – The emotional self is your feeling aspect.

  • Authentic qualities – joyful, playful, humorous, spontaneous, loving, open
  • Negative patterns – resentful, addictive, selfish, stubborn, self-centered

Spiritual self – The essence of who you are; your intuition, connection to something greater, wisdom, and resilience. 

  • Authentic qualities – loving unconditionally, creative, courageous, patient, compassionate, grounded, centered, accepting
  • Negative patterns – not having any connection to a spiritual self or awareness of one

Daily Movement  

Whether through walking, yoga, or working out, moving your body is a sure bet to stir up your energy and change your mood! We are meant to move as humans, and it can be easy to get into a sedentary lifestyle, especially in the US, where everything is relatively easy. I was so inspired to see how much the Rwandan people move throughout their day – walking to the markets, working in the fields, and riding their bikes. I left feeling inspired and recommitted to making more movement part of my daily life beyond going to the gym. I will strive to walk more and ride my bike whenever possible! What commitment can you make to your physical being?

Investing Time In Your Friendships

It was a gift to spend eight days together in a far-off land sharing amazing experiences, breaking bread over many meals, and having great conversations. I realized how much we all have our struggles and our triumphs. There is much comfort to be gained with girlfriends our age by opening up and sharing our wisdom. Having meaningful, sometimes hard conversations are so important, and we have to remember to stay committed to making time for more of that once we are home! Make that weekly date for a walk, coffee, dinner, or even a phone call, and feel how much that connection fuels your soul! What friends can you reach out to in the coming weeks to set up some friend dates?

Spend Time In Nature 

Walking through the rainforest and the tea fields amid the volcanos was awe-inspiring. When we step into nature, feel the ground beneath us, and take in the sights and sounds of the natural world, we can’t help but think that we are part of something greater than ourselves. Make a point to get out in nature more; walk down to the lake, put your feet in the ocean, go for a stroll after dinner and look up at the stars, or go for a long walk in the forest and admire the trees. It helps create a natural humility that is often missing in our Western society. What natural areas near where you live can you explore more often or make part of your daily routine to visit?

Get More Involved In Your Community

It’s inspiring to see how the people of Rwanda come together each month to clean their streets and build their community. Also, their commitment to being kinder to Mother Earth by eliminating plastic is something we can work towards. I came home inspired to get to know my neighbors more and to figure out ways that I can help get my community more organized around fighting crime and cleaning up the streets. And in my own home, we will be looking for more ways to cut down on waste, particularly plastic use! What steps can you take today to be more environmentally friendly in the way you live? 

See Your Life With A New Lens

When you travel abroad, you have the opportunity to look at your life through a new lens upon your return. You have the chance to question aspects of your life and can be more open to changing what is not serving you. What steps can you take to feel happier in your life?

Spend More Time Connecting With All God’s Creatures

Spending time with the gorillas in their natural habitat was incredible! I felt such a connection to them and was moved when witnessing their interactions. I left feeling more connected than ever to all of God’s creatures. While I don’t know if we will be getting more animals in our home, I will commit to observing all creatures and their beauty more often. What animals can you observe more closely and more often?

You Get What You Give

As we all noticed, the Rwandan people we met were warm, welcoming, and had the most lovely smiles and zest for life. This type of energy is infectious. Being greeted with a hand over the heart can feel so endearing and lovely that it was hard not to feel connected. How can you put out more positive energy into the world – smile and the world smiles back! 


If you are curious about our Seekers trip to Rwanda – the land of a thousand hills – here is a video from our trip. Please be sure to investigate our Seekers page to learn more about these offerings. This is one of our best membership perks – as these trips are life-changing and filled with magical connections with special like-minded women!


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