It’s not about a “crisis”; it’s about being curious.

As 40+ women, we know there are other relatable conversations besides home improvements, children, recipes, and where you are going on your next vacation. We believe “midlife crisis” should be renamed “midlife curious.” That’s not to say that weekend plans and other pleasant convos can’t be had, but let’s get REAL! 

We will delve into these topics in greater depth in our webinars, community forums, and articles. But let’s roll up our sisterhood sleeves and address some of the more pressing issues for women our age. We surveyed a group of middle-aged women and asked them what issues have become top-of-mind now that they have reached a mature age. Below, we will briefly touch on the top five winning topics. Rest assured, there will be deeper dives on each and many more subjects you will hopefully find relatable at this point in your life!


Aging Parents:

Family members are generally the number one source of long-term care support for older adults. Trying to help an older parent tends to bring up many issues that you may not have been prepared to address. In the best scenarios, caring for your aging parent can be as simple as basic eldercare support (i.e., providing transportation or assistance with chores). In other cases, your parents may need you to take on significant responsibilities to manage their healthcare and other aspects of their life due to health issues.

It’s not uncommon for you to feel overwhelmed, especially when the older parent is reluctant to accept help or make changes. Please know that you are not alone! 

Regulating Hormones: 

Guess what? Most of the problems attributed to aging are caused by a hormonal imbalance, a common but completely treatable issue that we all experience. Often symptoms are challenging to handle, but if you are equipped with the correct information and resources, you can sail through your 40s, 50s, and beyond! 

We will delve into this much more in future editorial and webinars, but for now, find comfort in knowing there are options! One popular avenue is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a customizable treatment that replenishes the hormones you lack to get your body back in balance. If the natural route feels better, our tried and true 6 Pillars of Wellbeing can assist you in balancing your hormones. Bottom line: we’ve got you covered, Salveo sister! 

Sex Drive:

If we had to choose one word to describe our sexual function and health in midlife, we’d be wise to go with “complicated.” The moving parts that contribute to our sexual health and satisfaction (and our sexual problems) are many, and they are often interrelated. Whether attributed to being an empty nester or less worried about getting pregnant, some women become more interested in sex around age 50. Of course, that’s not a reality for all of us! As you head toward menopause, estrogen levels drop, which might cool your libido and lead to vaginal dryness. 

Feeling aroused may seem unattainable if you’re experiencing hot flashes, anxiety, weight gain, relationship issues, and sleep problems, but there is a sexy light at the end of the tunnel. Stay tuned for some candid convos about sex life in midlife in our community forum and editorial, as this is a hot topic!


Our appearance and relationship with our bodies evolve as we age. That is not to say that body image concerns still remain, but our perception of our body often focuses more on overall health and functionality with time. This evolution should promote feelings of gratitude and vibrancy as we blissfully embark on this next phase of our lives. And that can come from confidence-building “procedures” or in more natural ways. Ok, so we don’t know where to find the “Fountain of Youth,” however, we do have a “Salveo Sprinkler” to help you age gracefully and naturally!

You’d be surprised how much hydration, sleep, movement, and natural remedies can help your skin and overall well-being! There will be more to come on this topic in future articles and webinars, but below, you can find some great anti-aging tools to get you started!

  • Antioxidants (i.e., blueberries, strawberries) – save cells from premature aging
  • Magnesium – an essential for the enzymes that support DNA repair and replication
  • Meditation – promotes less stress, more overall happiness, and a vibrant glow from within
  • Cleanses – focus on helping your cells remove toxins responsible for aging

Empty Nesting:

It can be hard to transition from our identity and role as “mom” into the unknown and uncharted territory of the “Empty Nest.” Those of us who have devoted our lives to our families can experience some temporary loss when the nest empties…and that’s OK. Often, a safe and supportive community (like Salveo Sisterhood!) can help process the reality that it is the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

And, let’s face it, feelings of sadness and loss may still come up now and then, especially after a family gathering when everyone ultimately leaves…again. But there is also a joy to be acknowledged in having our houses and spouses to ourselves! If you need some inspiration to embrace this stage of life, we will have plenty of editorial and webinars to cheer you up!


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