Are you looking for a speaker, panelist, or workshop facilitator to inspire, motivate and help your team or organization focus on a growth mindset to achieve balance and improve quality of life in simple, fun, and accessible ways?

Core topics on which Elizabeth speaks

  • You're The Coach

    How to check in with your team - intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves- to see what you need for the day

  • safe and honest conversations about midlife

    It’s not about a crisis; it’s about being curious

  • relationships at midlife

    Whether it’s a connection with yourself, your spouse, your kids, or your parents, circumstances change and so do relationship dynamics

  • the art of aging well

    Six Pillars of Well-Being are the foundation to wellness and are simple and accessible at any age: Hydrate, Nourish, Move, Sleep, Breathe, and Love

  • the power of gratitude

    How to create an attitude of gratitude to improve overall mental wellness


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